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Developing Corporate Values and Behaviours

Developing Corporate Values and Behaviours

We are running this free workshop in collaboration with our colleagues at Business Growth Hub.

We believe that a happy, healthy and sustainable culture can help your organisation to manage change and achieve its ambitions. Values and behaviours play a crucial role in this.

If your organisation wants to clearly communicate what it stands for both internally and to the wider world, having developed values and behaviours will go a long way.

More than statements on your reception wall or a page in your company policies, having relevant, meaningful and embedded values and behaviours will impact and guide a number of areas – from how decisions are made and who you recruit through to the way in which your people are supported and managed.

Ultimately impacting on your performance, it will also influence how your customers and stakeholders perceive and experience your organisation.

But don’t just take our word for it - research has also shown that organisations with clear values outperform their peers and survive for longer.

At the session you will explore:

  • The connection between the purpose of your organisation and your values
  • The behaviours of senior leaders and their role in shaping the values of others
  • The distinction between core values and aspirational values and how to use them
  • The role an internal group of stakeholders can take to shape your values
  • How to define behaviours that describe how your values are lived
  • Help to give you an insight into what values and behaviours are and how you can create a culture that is designed to live them.

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 5th September 2018

09.30 to 12.00


Organisation Development, Breakfast

Churchgate House
56 Oxford Street
M1 6EU