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Leadership and Management: why is it important?

Leadership and Management: why is it important?


Why is Leadership important?

Leaders and managers play a crucial role in your organisation. By definition - they’re the ones who will lead your business forward and manage the people that will help you to achieve your organisation’s ambitions.

They’re absolutely pivotal in creating a happy, healthy and sustainable culture as they are tasked with supporting and motivating your wider team to achieve company objectives. Bringing out the very best in them will in turn bring out the very best in your people, and it’s not just us that say that; as the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills suggest “best practice development can result in a 23% increase in organisational performance”.

Leaders influence engagement levels, workplace wellbeing and overall business performance. According to the CMI, ineffective management could be costing UK businesses more than 19bn a year in lost working hours and Investors in People research suggests that “more than 90% of employees believe that frontline managers that lack leadership skills negatively impacted employee engagement results”. Dan Goleman once suggested that being emotionally intelligent may actually be more important than a leaders IQ. We agree. Great leadership is much more than what you know and how you can apply your knowledge, it’s an ability to relate, understand and interpret others, inspire and lead.

Why is this important? Gone is the era where businesses achieve success through the compliance of staff. Workplaces, in the main, are relational environments. They are typically a melting pot of different beliefs, behaviours and personalities. A leader’s strength therefore lies in understanding the people around them, how they respond to the way in which they behave and how subtle changes in the words they use, the way they express themselves, the way in which they relate to other people – can bring about different outcomes and positive results.

Emotional Intelligence is intricately blended into each and every decision and action within the workplace. Yet developing a true understanding of self and how much we, as leaders, influence performance can be a difficult journey for many. It isn’t about finding the ‘right’ leadership style; it’s about recognising the importance of understanding different world views, different priorities and how certain behaviours produce certain outcomes. Leaders that develop the art of choosing which way to respond over another will be powerful leaders, will have great followership – which is a mandatory trait for any successful leader in the 21st Century.

Let us help you explore that journey

Our free taster masterclass – Leading for Results – introduces delegates to the role of leaders and managers, how different styles produce different responses and the concept of understanding who you are as a leader; the first stages of developing an understanding of self.

Taster: Leading for Results - no charge

Our 1-day workshop delves deeper into the ideas; focusing on understanding the alignment between values and behaviours of leaders with the performance of their teams. We explore a variety of leadership models, debating the impact and influence different styles have on performance. We support leaders to understand who they are and introduce them to various assessment tools to enable this exploration of self once the workshop has finished.
Upcoming dates:

Newcastle, 11th September 2018

Manchester, 19th September 2018 

Manchester, 7th December 2018


Emotionally Intelligent Leadership workshop: £195.00 per delegate

We take a very supportive approach through discussion and debate to heighten awareness around understanding self, the impact we have on the environment and people around us and the choices we can all make.

Upcoming dates:

Manchester, 20th September 2018

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