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Leadership and Management

Supporting leaders with developing their vision and strategic ambition, developing values and behaviours, assessing and understanding current skills and capabilities and creating development programmes to fill the gap.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, only one-third of UK leaders and a one-fifth of UK HR professionals rate the quality of leadership as ‘high’ in their organisations and only 38 percent rate their organisation’s leadership development programmes as highly effective.

Why? We believe this is down to the following factors:

  • Everyone underestimates the challenge associated with leaders and managers learning, developing and changing. Michael Beer identified this as the most difficult of the three pillars of High Performance
  • Most leadership programmes lack context as they not anchored to what is happening in the environment and the business strategy i.e. purpose, vision, objectives, values and behaviours;
  • The curriculum is often imposed from outside
  • Leaders don’t get the opportunities to practice skills, receive honest feedback and update the curriculum;
  • There is a failure to set clear objectives for the development linked to behaviours. Consequently, there is no way of measuring the impact.

That said there are countless pieces of research that identify effective leadership as being a vital ingredient that delivers organisational success. Our programmes address the challenges identified above and help organisations to maximise the return on their investment and achieve significant gains in organisational performance and sustainability. We have many years experience in developing effective leaders through the below leadership and management services:


  • Actively supporting leaders to develop the strategic ambition, purpose and vision
  • Defining company and leadership values and behaviours

Definition of excellence through competency frameworks

Leadership competencies offer a clear indication of the areas and levels of performance that the organisation expects of their leaders. They provide the individual with a map of the behaviours as well as the skills that will be valued, recognised and in some organisations rewarded. Organisations that maintain and use competency frameworks experience numerous benefits.

Psychometric testing and leadership profiling 

We support organisations to develop a clear and honest picture of their Executive team’s traits, behaviours and personalities in order to understand their unique development needs. We use a variety of tools.

Measurement of leadership effectiveness

We actively support organisations to measure and benchmark the effectiveness of their executive teams. We use a variety of activities and models.

Assessment centres: When organisations are looking to measure leadership and management effectiveness on a large scale, the most cost-effective method is often through facilitated assessment centres. We have many years experience in designing and managing such events – with as little or as much involvement from you as you like. For more information about this service.

We develop tailored leadership and management programmes which can be a selection of both facilitated group activities and individual 1:1 coaching support (link to Executive Coaching worksheet) and will be tailored to meet both behavioural development needs as well as more traditional technical skills. Our programmes work on the principle that all parts need to be aligned to maximise results. A model by Tosti and Jackson [2003] illustrates an important view on alignment.



When looking at the effectiveness of a Leadership team, we recognise the importance of a collective rather than merely the abilities of individuals. We have seen what makes the difference to an organisation’s performance – and it is the strength of the collective.

An important part of our leadership programme is the support we offer to organisations to realise that strength – creating a single force and developing an Executive team that is built upon a foundation of shared values, respect, trust and fundamentally geared to achieving the strategic ambitions together.

Our programmes explore the value of continuous learning and develop individuals understanding of different perspectives to optimise potential, while accepting accountability for their performance and contribution towards organisational goals.

We have seen for ourselves that this development creates organisations that are more entrepreneurial, agile and responsive to developments and disruptions in the marketplace. It is only when the Executive is operating as a collective that real transformation can take place. For more information of creating true leadership alignment; get in touch (link to enquiries@)

Supporting the implementation of management systems including the complete suite of ISO Standards

  • We can deliver both pre and post assessment support from gap analysis to packages of implementation support
  • If you would like to explore management systems and various Quality Standards which are available, get in touch

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