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Workplace Wellbeing

Supporting organisations to measure wellbeing levels, create robust wellbeing strategies and policies, develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of leaders and people to embed workplace wellbeing and support cultural change.

When planning wellbeing activity, we encourage organisations to look at the big picture. A successful wellbeing strategy must include three dimensions – from the organisational perspective, the leadership perspective and from the employee perspective.

The Organisation

To enable a healthy workforce you need to have an infrastructure in place this includes a strategy which articulates the vision, defined values and behaviours; that openly accepts, understands and supports wellbeing, an organisation that has both preventative support as well as early interventions for those needing deeper help and finally – and most importantly – an attitude which encourages self-help.

Employee wellbeing shouldn’t be just about the organisation providing resources; it should be about giving employees the confidence, the tools and the support to help themselves. This will enable you to create a sustainable strategy for wellbeing.

The first step for any organisation should be understanding what they would like to achieve and the levels of current wellbeing. This information will start to form a plan around the areas of opportunity.

Leaders and Managers

An organisation’s leaders and managers are the conduits for strengthening wellbeing and building the resilience of their teams. These individuals should be the organisation’s role models – advocates of health and wellbeing. Therefore, first and foremost they need to understand their own wellbeing and be proactive in protecting it.

It is also paramount that leaders and managers are not only capable of identifying, supporting and addressing wellbeing in the workplace – but also interested and active in this area. Leaders and managers, therefore, need to be equipped with the right knowledge, skills and behaviours to support a healthy workplace.


Wellbeing can be a difficult area – particularly when influences happen outside of work and often can be complex and psychological in nature. This is why developing a culture of self-help is so important. Getting employees to understand the value and impact of wellbeing and building their understanding and courage to strengthen their own and others wellbeing is incredibly important.

Organisations can support employees by helping them develop an understanding of their own wellbeing as well as the knowledge, skills and behaviours to build mental resilience through the support of managers and their own motivation and drive.

If organisations work towards those three elements, they are on a very robust path to building a strong and healthy workforce.


Measurement: measurement is perhaps the most fundamental steps in your improvement journey. Without factual knowledge of what is working and what isn’t, a robust plan – with tangible results – cannot be formed. We help organisations gather this intelligence through a variety of bespoke methods.

Culture, values and behaviours: without a culture which understands, values and embraces workplace wellbeing, everything else is irrelevant. We help organisations transform cultures.

Strategy, policy and practice: getting the fundamentals right is essential and we can offer experienced support to help you get it right. 

A culture of self-help: an organisation that controls wellbeing through initiatives and activities without any commitment from employees to understand, protect and strengthen their wellbeing for themselves is not sustainable in the long-run. We work with organisations to understand the importance of creating a culture of self-help and build resilience from within. 

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We all know the importance of leaders and managers being effective role models, but from our experience, we have not seen an area where this is more important. How many times have you received – or sent yourself – an email out of hours, looked at your work phone just in case your boss is looking for some information – or indeed skipped lunch as you fleet from one meeting to the next.

Your people are watching this – observing what ‘good’ management looks like and replicating it in order to be seen as performing and committed! What in fact is happening is the workforce from the very top is setting unhelpful behaviours and failing to the balance that we all need to maintain productivity and performance.

We help leaders at all levels to develop an understanding of their own wellbeing, the importance and impact of healthy and happy workplaces and the knowledge to support and guide colleagues and peers. Examples of our development programmes include Leading for Results, The Internal Coach and Developing Workplace Wellbeing.

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We have a number of workshops to help build self-awareness, understanding and knowledge in the area of wellbeing including:

Certified Mental Health First Aid training

  • We offer a suite of Mental Health First Aid courses to suit the individual needs of organisations from short half-day courses to raise awareness to develop employees as certified Mental Health First Aiders.
  • The workshops are all designed to offer participants the confidence, knowledge and understanding of mental health problems so they can protect and build their own resilience as well as support and guide colleagues appropriately.
  • Ideal for individuals of all levels; courses start from £80 per person plus VAT.

Building Resilience 

  • This one-day workshop is designed to give participants the tools they need to take control and be more productive and mentally healthier as a result.
  • Each session includes a mental toughness psychometric test, offering each delegate an insight into their current resilience levels as well as personalised feedback on areas that could be developed and strengthened.
  • Ideal for individuals of all levels who are interested in developing their self-awareness and personal resilience. The one-day in-house programme starts from £1500 plus VAT for up to 12 delegates.

The Internal Coach 

  • This two-day course will help delegates to develop inspirational and motivating leadership styles that create dynamic and positive working environments.
  • Supporting the development of coaching skills and methodology, the training is structured to help participants learn about different coaching techniques and models as well as key skills for delivering effective coaching sessions.
  • All the tools and models explored can be taken away and actively used to support internal coaching activities. A two-day in-house programme starts from £2400 plus VAT for up to 12 delegates.

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